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I use Swedish as my input language and I switch between Swedish and Norwegian keyboard layouts using left_alt + left_shift. By default i have the "input indicator" showing SWE in the system tray. This indicates the input language, which is always Swedish, and this is not of much use to me. What I need to know is which keyboard layout I'm using, and to see that I need to bring the mouse down and hover over the indicator.

What I would like is to have the Windows7-style language bar showing SV or NO respectively so that I can check with a glance. I have followed this guide: which claims to do what I'm describing, but instead of the SV/NO indicator I get a little keyboard-symbol:


Again I have to hover in order to see which keyboard I'm using. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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  • Swedish input and layout

    The language bar shows my language and keyboard settings is set to Swedish. I can change my keyboard layout, for example to Norwegian (NO), by pressing either alt+shift or win+space:

    Swedish input and Norwegian layout

    Keyboard layouts are added at:

    Settings --> Time & Language --> Region & Language --> Svenska --> Options --> Add a keyboard.