DNS does not resolve after VPN


  1. connected remote vpn(random vpn provider) –OK Internet access
  2. add to route tables to go trough local network gateway
  3. ping localnetworkcomputer with ip ( –OK response
  4. ping localnetworkcomputer with name (localpc) –FAIL hot not found
  5. ping localdnsserver with ip ( –OK response
  6. nslookup localpc –FAIL FAILSRV

–when not connected to the remote vpn all this steps are OK.

How i can resolve local network names with internal DNS Server while connected to VPN?

Best Answer

If your VPN client adds an additional network interface to your system, you may have to go into the TCP/IP properties of that interface to set your local DNS server manually there. When you type nslookup by itself, it should show you what server it is using to do the lookups.