Dns – Use different DNS servers for different domains


I have windows 7,i want to configure different dns servers for different websites.
My isp's login page only works with his dns server,if i use open dns..i cant load up my isp login page.
So i want to use my isp's dns server to load isp;s login page and for other sites i want to use OpenDns.

Is there a software to do this?
i would prefer a batch file or something like that.

Best Answer

Keep things simple.

If the only problem you have is the access to the ISP login page, just add the url and ip adress of this page in the HOSTS file to avoid a DNS request for this web page...

The syntax is {URL} {at least one space} {IPv4 Address}

Somethings like: MyISPLoginPage.com 12.123.123

BTW: if you want to discover the bests DNS servers for you, use this software: NameBench


Hope this help. Let us know.

P.S. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\HOSTS

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