Windows – Do I have a virus? this green icon

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Just got a new computer at work and was just starting to install all of my required software on it.

I downloaded something and may have installed it by mistake (it could have been TortoiseSVN).

Immediately after starting and logging in:

Task Switcher:
enter image description here

Desktop after switching to window with green icon:
enter image description here

Do I have a virus? I installed AVG but it did not find any viruses. What steps should I take?

Best Answer

At first glance I'd say no, looks more like a glitchy program, perhaps some kind of download manager judging from the icon? but I'd pull open task manager and see.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc
Click on the Processes Tab
Under View select select columns
Check Image Path Name

Try to find what you think that process is. You may be able to see it on the applications tab and see what process it is by right clicking and clicking on Go to Process. If the Image Path Name shows it running from either C:\Users... or C:\Program Data... for anything under the processes tab there is a good chance it is malware, otherwise it may be just something you accidentally installed.

You may want to scan with Malware Bytes to be safe but you'll probably be able to disable it from Programs and Features or msconfig.exe.

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