Do TPM modules only work for motherboards of the same vendor


Most types of desktop computer parts are agnostic of the vendor. For example, you can use a DDR RAM from any vendor on a motherboard from any vendor, as long as they have the same standards.

If I search eBay for TPM Module, top list shows ASUS, Gigabyte, or MSI. ASUS' contains "for ASUS motherboards". This looks as if it would only work for ASUS' motherboards. Can I buy a TPM module from any vendor, or should I buy a TPM module from the same vendor as that of the motherboard?

Best Answer

I don't think they are especially specific to a manufacturer. However, your motherboard has to have a slot to fit one. This is still relatively rare and so standardisation may still be poor.

The TPM chip sits on the LPC bus so that the BIOS has access to it without needing drivers.

So start by checking your motherboard specs to see whether it is capable of taking a chip & what connector it uses.

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