Do you need a video card if you don’t game or play with graphics


I'm putting together a new machine and was wondering if I should pay the extra money to get a dedicated video card or just get a motherboard with on-board video…

The machine will primarily be used for .NET development of web applications and watching movies. I don't really play any games and when I do they are not that graphics intensive. I use large dual monitors.

From what I understand if you use on-board video it will just use your macines RAM for graphics processing (correct?). If this is true, then my biggest concern would be the theft of memory that could be used for something else.

Best Answer

If you get a new computer with a Intel Sandy Bridge processor, there will be a GPU on-die. Which means there's a GPU built into the CPU itself.

What's important about this, is that since this new generation of processors, the GPU is powerful enough to run Full HD (1080p) video's without a problem. Whereas previous Intel's IGPs (Integrated Graphics Processors) were barely capable of this.

Therefore, with the new line of Intel processors almost any model should suffice as long as you don't plan on gaming with it