Google-chrome – Does Google Chrome support Silverlight


Does Google Chrome support Silverlight?

EDIT: I found the download site, ignored the announcement that my system might not support silverlight, downloaded it and tried to install it. It failed.

I don't know where to find the version number of Chrome, but I downloaded, installed and started using it in the last couple of days.

EDIT: Well, I'm still not getting results, so I now use FF for the Olympic channel and it's working.
When I used it on Chrome, the channel would load and I would get a message saying it wasn't supported, would I like to try it anyway? I click yes and it would work, but after a short time, it would crash Chrome. So, FF.

Best Answer

TechCrunch: Silverlight 4 In Beta. Supports Google Chrome.

Microsoft announced the availability of Silverlight 4 in beta at its Professional Developers Conference (PDC) today. Some of the new features include more fluid animations, Webcam, microphone and printing support, 200 percent faster start times than Silverlight 3, deep zoom and multi-touch support and more. It now also supports Google Chrome, even though it’s just a rounding error of a browser.

Some more details on Silverlight 4 features and its Chrome support.
There are also notes of some success with Silverlight 3.