Outlook – Why does Outlook 2010 give the message “Creating a new item from the selected items could take some time…are you sure you create a new item…


I'm using Outlook 2010 with Exchange 2007.

I am moving emails from my Deleted Items folder to a user-created folder. When I move a "low" number of messages, say a few hundred or less, the operation completes successfully. When I move a "large" number of messages (in this example it's over 800) I get the message shown in the screenshot below.

If I click Yes, a new email is generated and has links to all the emails I selected in the Attachment field. When I cancel that email, not only have the messages not moved but they appear to be deleted entirely.

What does the message mean and why does it get presented?

Why does clicking Yes do the behavior I described above?

enter image description here

Best Answer

I had this same problem yesterday and it has something to do with a calendar item in the folder you are trying to move the items from. I selected everything except for this calendar item and it worked fine without the error.

I deleted the calendar item and moved the remaining items to my archive folder.