Does Powerpoint 2010 print notes pages to PDF as raster images


I'm trying to print a 40-slide powerpoint presentation to PDF in notes pages format, and the resulting .pdf file size is 10x bigger than the .pptx file. Acrobat's space audit says it's 99.7% image data. Apparently PowerPoint builds each notes page by putting a raster image of the slide on top and the speaker notes as text on bottom: the notes can be selected as text in Reader, but text on the slide cannot.

The problem goes away if I print the slides directly (text remains selectable), but then the speaker notes are lost.

Saving as PDF has an option to embed the speaker notes as annotations, but they're buried in a tiny little sticky note in the corner, and long notes get truncated.

Saving as web-optimized PDF gets the file size down to something reasonable, but the slides look terrible (low-quality jpeg with obvious artifacts).

It's possible to manually paste each slide into a Word document as EMF, and type in the text below it. The resulting file size is totally reasonable, but it's really unwieldy for long presentations, especially since I edit the slides each time I give them out.

Is there some better way to print speaker notes with the slides, while keeping the slides as vector art?

Best Answer

Unfortunately, this is how it is designed to work.

The only realistic alternative I can think of is to use Office Automation using VBA scripts to automate your publishing workflow.

You might also be able to automate the workflow using AutoHotKey.

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