Windows – does the computer erratically scroll up and down

mousescrollingwindows xp

I am running Windows XP with SP3 on a 2002 Gateway machine.

For the last few days I have experienced the problem of erratic scrolling that seems to have a mind of its own. If I am on a window with a scroll bar, the window scrolls up and down the page erratically, often when I have not initiated it. I am not sure but think this started following a routine Windows Update. It is doing it now as I type this. It is totally distracting to being able to do anything while it is occurring. It does it a while then there are occasional pauses in the scrolling then it starts up again.

Any suggestions on fixing this?

Best Answer

Sound like your mouse is toast. Try to clean up the wheel (if it has any).
But once a mouse starts to misbehave, it's time for a new one.