Ubuntu – does umount /dev/sdc1 for example not remove/eject an external harddrive


I just plugged in an external harddrive to a device running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and when I attempt to umount the drive e.g. umount /dev/sdc1 or umount /media/harddrive the drive is still accessible via the menu that appears on the left. The only time it disappears from the menu or is no longer accessible when I right-click on the harddrive and select the option Safely remove.

Why does not umount not work?

Does safely remove umount and then poweroff?

How do I use the same command (safely remove) in the terminal?

Best Answer

  • umount only removes the mount; the device is still being seen by the system and is available for remounting. You can remove it safely.

    eject will actually eject your device, removing it from the list of devices.

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