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Since I live in Germany, my timezone is GMT+1 (or GMT+2 in the summertime period).
Previous Windows versions were not able to have the hardware clock set to UTC, and the Windows time to the local time.
That was / is a big mess, since almoust every other OS is using UTC preferedly.

Is this fixed in Windows 7 and is it now possible to use UTC in the BIOS and local time in Windows?

Best Answer

Have a look at this page:

Save the following lines as utc.reg, and then run it to import this registry tweak. It allows you to set the hardware clock in your PC’s BIOS to UTC time. This is handy for boot dual-booting Mac, or Linux, when those operating systems are set to read the BIOS clock as UTC time, instead of Windows’ preferred Local Time (e.g., PST, PDT, MST, MDT, CST, CDT, EST, EDT, or the standard “GMT-” and “GMT+”)

Here is the code to save as utc.reg:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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