Doesn’t the laptop battery charge while the laptop is in use


Up until a week ago, my laptop has always been able to charge the battery while I'm using it. Now, it will not charge unless the computer is sleeping, hibernating, or turned off. The icon in the start tray states that the battery is charging but it is not animated (it used to be) and of course the power level does not increase.

Otherwise, the battery seems to be fine. The battery life is decent (2h+) and while the laptop is in use and plugged in the battery will maintain a constant charge.

Any troubleshooting help would be great (i.e. is this a charger issue, battery issues, software issue, etc…)

Best Answer

I'd check the power adapter first. Does it have any physical damage? If so, you should replace it. Does the battery charge if you use a different adapter? (Buy a second or borrow one from someone with the same laptop.)