DVI-I – Single Link vs Dual Link


I have two DVI-I to VGA adapters yet each one is different. From what I can tell one is a single link and the other a dual link DVI-I adapter.

I read some about this on wikipedia but I get lost in the technical details between single and dual link DVI. Can someone exaplain what the difference is and is one better to use over the other? (Keep in mind I am running on an older VGA monitor)

Here are a couple images, one a diagram between Single and Dual and then one of the actual adapters.

Diagram Showing the difference between Single amd Dual Link DVI-I Photo showing the two DVI adapters

Best Answer

Single-link and Dual-link only apply to the digital connection, not the analog VGA connector. See the DVI to VGA pin conversion.

There shouldn't be any difference between the adapters. I don't know why one has all the pins in it when it doesn't need them.

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