Networking – Dynamic DNS at using a Fritz!Box


I am having some trouble setting up Dynamic DNS with my Fritz!Box 7360.

I have set up the Dynamic DNS page with (this is translated from German, so might be worded a bit differently):

[x] Use dynamic DNS
Dynamic DNS Provider: User defined
Domain Name:
User Name: myusername
Password: mypassword

Now on the FritzBox status page, it says:

Dynamic DNS: activated,, Status: Account temprarily deactivated

When I check back on, my IP address never changes. Is there any way to fix this?

Note my router is on an IPv6 network (m-net), with IPv4 only through DS-Lite. I'm not sure whether this affects anything.

Update: Following the guide here (putting myusername instead of MY-DIRECT-URL-KEY) hasn't given any succes. However, the status field has changed slightly:

Dynamic DNS: activated,, Status: unknown

Update 2: So the problem is that accessing the direct update link would work – however my home connection is native IPv6 so it hits via DS-lite, which then doesn't work as a DNS entry. I've contacted the Fritz!Box support team and they said they might implement Dynamic DNS for in the next firmware release. Until then I'll look at using MyFritz or an alternative DNS provider.

Best Answer

So, the support team at AVM was incorrect, the URL for updates supports placeholders for things like IP address. The one for IPv6 address is not listed on the help page but is <ip6addr>. Together with freedns's address field this lets me solve the problem.

The following ended up working for me:<ip6addr>