Dynamic DNS for both IPv4 and IPv6 (using freedns.afraid.org or others)


[Edit: I have now found a solution; see below for my answer]

I want to set up dynamic DNS on my Fritz!Box 7490, so that it is reachable both on IPv4 and IPv6. Note that I want to reach the Fritz!Box itself, and not a computer behind it.

The scenario is that I have both native IPv4 and native IPv6 as dual stack, and both IPv4 and IPv6 are dynamically assigned by my ISP.

I am currently using freedns.afraid.org but would be open for other services as well if what I want can be achieved.

The issue I am facing is that the Fritz!Box GUI only allows for one update URL. In that update URL, I can use one of these three options:

  • Automatic IP address detection (which uses IPv4):
  • Pass IPv4 address to freedns.afraid.org:
  • Pass IPv6 address to freedns.afraid.org:

However, what I would need is a link that updates both the IPv4 and the IPv6 address at the same time.

I have seen Dynamic DNS at freedns.afraid.org using a Fritz!Box – this helped as it showed me the <ip6addr> tag, but the person asking the question only wanted to update the IPv6 address, so it is not applicable to me.

Best Answer

Answering my own question as I have now found a solution.

I am now using the service nsupdate.info, which supports what I want: Both IPv4 and IPv6 are reached using the same name, for which both A and AAAA records are provided.

They had specific instructions for the Fritz!Box, which were shown when I was setting up my account. I repeat here what I have in my Fritz!Box settings now:

Dynamic DNS provider: User-defined

Update URL: https://ipv4.nsupdate.info/nic/update https://ipv6.nsupdate.info/nic/update

Domain name: mydomainname.nsupdate.info

User name: mydomainname.nsupdate.info

Password: [as provided by nsupdate.info]

I have been using this service for just over half a year now, and it works flawlessly so far (but I am not logging into my Fritz!Box daily, so your mileage may vary). Apologies for not replying earlier, but I completely forgot about this question, and just received a reminder e-mail as someone else wrote a comment.

Hope this helps others!