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I am using 3 years old overheating laptop and I want my CPU fan to be spinning 24/7 regardless of the consequences. How to make it spin?

The problem is that CPU & GPU heats up to 68°C (154 F) right after boot and never goes down, because CPU fan is not spinning full throttle. It starts spinning faster when temperature goes over 70°C and stops when it reaches seventy again. When doing heavy work on databases, it gets from 70 to 90 in no-time and automatically powers off. Bios does not contain any "fan spin 100%" options, just "spin slowly all the time" and "auto" which is more useless than the first one since my fan doesn't have pwm wire.

Currently I'm solving this with cooling stand (3x5V), but it isn't much of a help. I would rather use the CPU fan since it is the only fan directly responsible for cooling down CPU/GPU.

But how to make it spin 100% all the time? Should I attach it's red power wire to motherboard to get constant 5V (is there such option?), or is there an option to control it via software?

  • Laptop: Samsung R528 2.3 GHz Intel i3 with Nvidia GeForce 310M
  • Bios: Phoenix 03KT.M003.20100622.KSJ (and that is latest update)
  • OS: Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS with kernel
  • CPU fan: Image/Description Has 5V 0,4A and only 3 pins, no pwm.

Yes, I did clean everything with alcohol, freed the air vents, changed thermal paste etc; that reduced temperature by 4 degrees.

Some outputs:

Best Answer

You are running Ubuntu so the normal suggestion of Speedfan is out, but you can look into two software packages, the first is called lm-sensors which provides with the temp sensors and fancontrol which gives you the ability to control your fan activation ranges. I am not a native Ubuntu user but if you Google those two you can find tutorials on how to install and setup the applications. Hopefully this helps.