Enabling Intel VT-x virtualization with a Dell Bios


Edit: My previous questions was wrongly written so I'm going to explain myself better.

I've been trying to install Intel's HAXM in my PC(Dell Optiplex 3020, Intel Core i5 4050).
I haven't been able to because the installer prompts me a message saying that VT-x is not enabled but system requirements are met.

I've tried to set virtualization on in the Bios(Dell Bios A005). The option is there and is supposedly already enabled, but after restart and another run of HAXM installer it still gives me the same message.

Am I missing something here?

Best Answer

Turns out Dell Bios is very limited regarding options to limit mistakes and you actually have to download an application called CCTK to enable most advanced settings.

I know my question was a bit rushed. And that's why it got downvoted. But if anyone has the same problem and by chance come to here. I hope this helps