Error notebook samsung np300e4c Boot menu is empty

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I have my notebook Samsung NP300e4c. When turned on yesterday it shows me a picture with the list of boot options menu and app, but the list of boot I get empty !!!!

Entering BIOS recognizes my device but the boot priority list does not show me anything.

What to do please I need your help. and replace disk and restart the BIOS

EDIT 1 29/10/2014

This image shows the BIOS correctly recognizes the hardware connected to the sata ports, so connectivity issues not think it

Best Answer

  • I was searching months for a decent solution for this problem with same NP Samsung model. There are an incredible key-combination to boot from DVD-ROM and finally to get access.

    First thing is to reset bios configuration with RTC BIOS pins, located besides RAM slots (alternatively, you can remove the CMOS battery for a moment). Then, insert a bootable USB drive or DVD-ROM and automatically press Fn+F3 (for DVD boot) or Fn+F5 (for USB boot).

    If that doesn't work, try with Ctrl+F keys. If you have any OS installed on your HDD this will make it start.

    I know, is not the solution for this problem, but an alternative to "jump it". Hope it works for you!

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