Excel – Change text in a cell depending on date in another cell

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I have used conditional formatting to change color based on the text in column H. Now I want to change the text in column H's cells depending on the date in column L. If the date is equal or later than today's date the text should change from "In life" to "Report".

I have tried numerous formulas, but it just won't work.

Best Answer

=IF(A2>=TODAY(),"Report", "In Life")

where A2 is the date you wish to check. Note that in this example, A2 would have to be changed in each formula if checking multiple dates.


 =IF(A2<TODAY(),"Protocol", IF(A2=TODAY(), "In Life", "Report"))

would produce "Protocol" if the date was earlier than TODAY(), "In Life" if the date was equal to TODAY(), or "Report" if the date was after TODAY().

Excel Formula To Select Text Based On Date

Again, A2 would need to be changed for each formula with the correct date to check.

As a side note, if you get a long number rather than a date, make sure the cell with the formula is formatted to display dates.