Excel – Copying and rotating large table from Excel to Word without turning it into picture/wmf/


What would be the easiest way of copying and rotating a table made in Excel, to Word without turning it into a picture/enhanced metafile/or something alike.

I know I can use the Section Break routine, but the problem is the table needs to go into a company frame (which I cannot turn onto a landscape), so I literally need to turn the table by 90 degrees.

Any way of doing something like that ?

Best Answer

The best I can come up with is to do the rotation in Excel - rotate the text 90 degrees in the cells (Format Cells|Alignment|Orientiation) and then reformat- and paste from there. I don't think you can rotate such objects within Word itself - or at least I can't come up with a combination of text anchors and wrapping settings that allows this.

Or there might be come VBA that could help you?