Excel formula to change one cell value to another value based on a third cell

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to make this simple a1 has a value that can change, b1 has the formula to test a1 value. c1 is reset to a chosen value based on a1.

I have a table that people can input values. I have a list box in a1 which they can choose 'reset'. I want the table values to change to 0 , to 'clear' the table so people can then input new values.

I was trying to test this with a single cell as stated as above. The formula I put into b1


this isn't changing c1 value but is including the c1=0 into the test part of the if then.

trouble is we are not allowed to use Macros or vb code because where this is stored so I am forced to use formulas.

was this clear enough?

Best Answer

A formula can't change another target. You'll need two formulas

B1 - =IF(A1="RESET",1,0)

C1 - =IF(B1>0,"woohoo",0)

If the point of the exercise is to have only one formula in B1 because users can alter C1 to remove the formula, this isn't possible.