Excel – How to make excel open CSV files and automatically split the comma delimited column

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I get these reports everyday in CSV format. In the previous version of excel (2007) when I opened these files they were already split into columns. Now with the latest version it isn't. Where is this setting I'm missing?

Thanks in advance.


Best Answer

Here are some easy explanations on how to do it automatically when you open your file with Excel:

As you said, Excel has a default character as a delimiter. In your case, this is ";" visibly. I am working on Excel in France and the default delimiter is "[tab]".

I don't know how to change it in the software but there is a trick: For example, let's say that your .csv file is delimited with ";" and you want that Excel interpret it automatically, simply add on the first line of your .csv file the following line:

> sep=;

and you will note that Excel understand your .csv file.