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Is it possible to fit a large amount of text within a cell in Excel 2007?

I have 1,890 words – consisting of 10,110 characters (without spaces) – that I need to put into a single cell in Excel. I have set the cell to the maximum size (column width of 255 and row height of 409.5), yet it fails to contain all of the text. I have also set the text to the minimum size – size 1 (even though it is unreadable) – just to see if this helps, but it does not unfortunately.

I am required to keep all of the text in a single cell, so cannot branch into surrounding cells.

Is there a way around this that I am missing or overlooking?

Many thanks.

Best Answer

There are two points here; containing and displaying.

Per Microsoft 32,767 characters is the max a cell can contain. So yes you can fit 10,110 characters in the cell.

As allready discussed in other answers, no you can not display that many characters in a fashion that will be readable.

Reference http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/excel-specifications-and-limits-HP010073849.aspx