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I have an excel file with three worksheets(ws), the first two have raw data and the third one contains formula to compare the data in other two ws. For example, here is an example of my comparison formula in the comparison ws:

=if(raw1!A1 = raw2!A1, "OK", "Diff")

I have a lots data in raw1 and raw2 ws (4k rows). The problem is that when I update data in raw ws by using copy and paste, my comparison ws does not reflect the change, I mean the value of comparison result. If I go to individual cell to make changes, such as add a space and then remove it, the value will be updated. I just cannot do it for all the cells. Not sure if it is memory issue to cause Excel not updating values if too many formulas there?

Is there any menu option or key available to fresh all the formula values in my compasion ws?

Best Answer

Some more information on the F9 keyboard shortcuts for calculation in Excel

  • F9 Recalculates all worksheets in all open workbooks
  • Shift+F9 Recalculates the active worksheet
  • Ctrl+Alt+F9 Recalculates all worksheets in all open workbooks (Full recalculation)
  • Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F9 Rebuilds the dependency tree and does a full recalculation

Taken from this answer.