Excel table not formatting new rows appropriately – where does formatting come from

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I have an excel table and all rows are formatted the same. When I add a new row, the formatting does not match the rows above – so every time I add a row I have to select the above row and copy/paste special>format to get it to look right.

My question is twofold.
1) How can I get it to format correctly when adding a new row?
2) Where do tables pull their formatting from, as I'm not understanding why it formats so odd.

*I can take a video and upload it to youtube if you need to see the behavior I am talking about.
**This is happening in multiple workbooks, so not isolated to a single workbook or single table.

Best Answer

I had the same problem for one column, it used to set forecolor of one column to red for each new row I added to the table.

To resolve this click on the header of a column then right click and choose "Format Cells" option and set the desired format. After this new row will use this format for selected column. You can specify the format for other / all columns like this.