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How it started:
Wanted to view Code window and Spreadsheet at same time. In XL VBEditor, Dragged Code window, Project window, and Properties around on screen to accomplish this. Pushed a few toggle buttons such as View Code, Show/Hide folders to see what they did.

What occurred:
Noticed that all modules still listed in project window, but when click on any one module name, the macro routines were missing on the module. For the most part, some comments and the code 'Option Explicit' were still visible, but all the macros=subroutines gone.

More confusing: SOMEtimes if I remove the code line 'Option Explicit', the macros on that particular module reappear.

MOST confusing: If I find a module that shows one macro #1, I can try to write another macro (#2) on that module. When I complete macro #2 which has form Sub NewMacroName(), …, and End Sub, the second macro #2 is present but the first macro #1 disappears! Remove Sub #2 and Sub #1 reappears

The macros are clearly hidden, not actually gone.
If I open the Object Browser, I can see a list of Global Classes (each one is a coding module).
If a click on one Global Class, I see a list of Class Members (each one is a subroutine/macro).

I thought it wouldn't be impossible to work in this configuration, but it will be quite inconvenient. Getting back to the original configuration would be a blessing. In reality, either macro routines can't see the personal workbook, or they can't see specific personal macro routines.

Tried to talk with Microsoft about this, but after 30 minutes a service person came back on and said no one is answering today, try again another day. On a workday, I got back to MSFT. MSFT wants $499 to even discuss the problem. Ouch!

Setup: Windows 10 up to date, HP laptop less 6 months old, Excel from Office 2019, although many macros/modules written from Excel 2010. Everything was fine until I started moving window panes around.

Thanks in Advance for your helpful insights.

ADDENDUM: 18March2019: Gave up on fixing the above problem while I was out of state working on a project. Hoped that reinstalling Excel 2019 once I got home would clear the problem. No such luck. Resolved that I would have to search the internet stem to stern for solutions.
One idea on the internet led me to:
Excel: Developer: VBEditor: Tools tab: Macros: all my Macros listed

Decided to arbitrarily pick one macro and hit Edit button.
Viola! ALL of my macros became visible on all of the modules on all of my workbooks. After less than an hour of replacing very minor code that was missing from personal code, I was back up and running normally.

Clearly clicking on
Excel: Developer: VBEditor: Tools tab: Macros: Edit one macro
Corrected something!

I figure that at least one expert on this web site recognizes what the problem was and will clue me in – so I don’t do it again!

Again, thanks in advance for your constructive replies!

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