Excel – Why can’t Excel open a file when run from task scheduler

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I wrote a PowerShell script that opens an excel workbook and runs a macro. When I run that script from PS console, or even from command line using powershell.exe script.ps1, it just works. When I set up a task from the windows task scheduler, it raises an exception about that Excel file, saying that it either does not exist or is already in use.

The file exists for sure, as the script ran fine from the command line, and I'm positive it is not in use.

I tried to move the Excel file to a local and non-privileged area, to avoid network trust/admin privilege issues. The task still runs with highest privileges. The path has no spaces, or special characters.

When I try to access to the file using a File system object, there is no errors even when run from the scheduler, so I guess it is specific to Excel.Application.Workbooks.Open("..") method.

What should I consider now?

Best Answer

It's likely a DCOM permissions issue. Automating Excel is sometimes fraught with peril...

The only way I've found around issues such as this is to set Excel to run as a specific user through DCOM permissions.

  1. Open Component Services (Start -> Run, type in dcomcnfg)
  2. Drill down to Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer and click on DCOM Config
  3. Right-click on Microsoft Excel Application and choose Properties
  4. In the Identity tab select This User and enter the ID and password of an interactive user account (domain or local) and click Ok

Keeping it as the interactive user or the launching doesn't work with the task scheduler unfortunately, even when setting the task up to run under an account that has admin access to the machine.