Excel – Why is Excel and Office always asking me to recover documents


Since Office 2002 (probably even 97) until Office 2010 (probably even 2013), opening Excel and Word constantly results in me being shown a list of documents that I might want to recover. As far as I know, I save my documents, close them, and then shut down Excel and Word like any other application by clicking the X. I don't ALT+F4, open task manager and terminate the processes, unplug my computer, go out to my garage an flip all the breakers, etc. Every time this document list shows up, I feel a little paranoid, as if I need to look at them or something just to make sure I am not losing anything that I somehow didn't save.

I'd like someone to tell me that this is just Office messing with my mind, that everything I need has been safely saved to my drive. Don't just tell me that because I want you to, though. If you know what's up with this, do share.

Best Answer

If you have closed the files normally and you are still getting auto recovery files then this means you still have temporary files in autosave folder.

  1. Go in File/Options/Save: find the path and delete everything in that folder. Close excel/word and open again. Check if you get autorecovery files again or not.

  2. Go in File/Options/Save: Change the location of the autosave files, preferably give it a sub folder for excel and do the same thing in word if you are having problems there.

  3. Do run scan disk to see if there are disk problems. If you do I suggest you just buy another drive, its not worth losing your data anyway.