Excel – Why won’t Excel autofit the row height? [Microsoft Excel 2013]


[Microsoft Excel 2013]

This row looks like it should auto fit to the height of just 1 line, but autofit is not working here. I've checked and there are no merged cells, and I've even disabled wrap text on all the columns just in case it's causing some weird behavior. Does anyone have any ideas?

Like this:

enter image description here

Best Answer

You could also try the =trim formula in case you have a lot of empty spaces. Or as bvaughn stated, try manually setting the row height via format in the Home ribbon. That same selection will let you pick auto format row height.

Looks like you are creating a table, so potentially you could just select all of the data and insert table with headers.

Or you could select the row that isn't auto adjusting the height and hit the down arrow on clear and clear formats.