Chrome – Exporting Speed Dial settings from within Firefox into Chrome Speed dial


Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

I usually use Firefox as my browser of choice and have been using the Addin Speed Dial for ages. I have many sites added on multiple tabs within it.

I have just installed the Google Chrome browser which also has the Speed Dial Extension. Is there a way to export/import/copy/sync my Speed Dial settings I have in Firefox to the Speed Dial extension in Chrome?

I know I can export from Speed Dial in Firefox but can't see any easy way to import from Speed Dial in Chrome.

Best Answer

Looks like Speed Dial for firefox and Speed Dial for chrome are made by two different developers. The Firefox version allows you to import\export data but the Chrome version has no such options.

In Firefox Tools >> Add-ons >> Speed Dial Options >> Actions there are options to import, export, restore from backup, etc.

In Chrome going to Extension >> Speed Dial Options it only allows you to make cosmetic changes to the start page (spacing, theme, etc).

So currently it doesn't look possible.