Extend two monitors not working


Before everything. I had googled a lot and none of the solutions solved my problem.
I had two monitor connected to a graphic card. One of them using VGA cable and another by DVI cable.
My graphic card has only these two outputs.

These are my graphic card and monitors and OS details:

  • Monitor One (SumSung SyncMaster P22700 – 1920×1080 – 21.5" ) connected using DVI cable
  • Monitor Two (AOC 931Fwa – 1600×900 – 19") connected using VGA cable
  • Graphic Card (AMD Radeon™ HD 6570 Graphics)
  • OS (Window 8.1 – 64bit – over PC)

Now, when I use Ctrl+P to extend or duplicate my monitors it doesn't work. But I can go to the first and second monitor. The whole thing means that the monitors don't work together. But they work separately.

When I try to extend monitors through the control panel this warning appears:

enter image description here

I have installed the AMD Catalyst Control on the pc and when I choose to extend the monitors through that it gives me this warning:

enter image description here

For additional information on my device manager under the monitors I have two monitors but with the same driver installed I guess. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers but the second monitor (AOC) uses the first one. By the way it's working with this driver installed.

enter image description here

So, does anyone know what should I do to have extended or duplicated monitors?

Best Answer

The Catalyst Control Center is probably mucking things up.

Try this:

  • Switch your video driver to the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver in Device Manager. You can do this by selecting your video card, hit Update Driver, select Browse my computer for driver software, and then select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. You should see the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter in the list under all your AMD drivers.
  • Completely uninstall everything AMD-related from your computer and then reboot it.
  • When your computer comes back up, you should be using the generic Microsoft driver. At this point, reinstall the AMD driver, but do a custom install and only select the driver itself. Ignore the extra features (you can add them back in later -- this is just for testing).

Now see if you can extend the displays using nothing but the Windows control panel. Don't even touch the AMD control panel if you have the option. If you can get it working like this, then that was the problem. If not, it may be an issue that the card doesn't support extending to the VGA display.