Macos – Extract large zip file (50 GB) on Mac OS X


I was trying to move the files to another hard drive. So I archived all my photos in one large ZIP file using the Mac OS X built-in compress function.

But the file failed to extract. I've tried many programs, but none of the programs I tried were able to extract the file. I've tried Mac OS X's extract utility, StuffIt Expander, 7-Zip (command line), all failed. Mac's archive utility and StuffIt don't seem to support large files, and 7-Zip's command line version gave an error stating unsupported archive.

I have no luck in Windows either as many of my files have Chinese filenames, and couldn't extract to the correct name under Windows.

Are there some programs that can support large files, can handle files compressed using Mac OS X's compress function, and can support UTF-8 filename? With or without GUI is fine.


Well, I had made the wrong decision to compress the files, and it's already too late. I thought I should be able to extract the file if I could compress it. It's too late, the original copies are gone, only a large ZIP file left here.

I have tried using 'unzip', but it says End-of-central-directory signature not found. I guess it doesn't have large file support as well.

I would try the Windows Vista method as stated by SuperMagic, but I need to borrow a computer for that. Anyway, thank you everyone, but please provide more suggestions on what software that could possibly extract that file.

Best Answer

I was in the same situation when backing up a 12GB directory.

I fixed it by using the ditto command which was readily available with the OS X Yosemite installation:

ditto -x -k dst-directory

-x to extract an archive    
-k Specifies it to be a PKZip archive instead of the default CPIO