Fedora 18 installer does not recognize existing partitions


The fedora 18 installer shows no partitions at all, and it shows all of my hard disk space as free.

I opened a terminal from the live USB drive i'm using to install it, and issue the fdisk -l command, it shows the correct partition setup.

What could be causing this?

Best Answer

I did install Fedora 18 on a machine using Windows XP.

To do so I first modified the original only partition used totally by Windows and created partitions for Fedora 18 using GParted ( http://gparted.sourceforge.net/download.php )

From almost 100 GB I left only 32 for Windows (/dev/sda1, ntfs) and made a separate 4 GB patrition for My Documents (/dev/sda2, ntfs). The rest for Fedora this way

/dev/sda3 ext4 /boot 256 MB /dev/sda4 extended /dev/sda5 swap swap 2 GB /dev/sda6 ext4 / 4 GB /dev/sda7 ext4 /usr 16 GB /dev/sda8 ext4 /usr/local 4 GB /dev/sda9 ext4 /var 3 GB /dev/sda10 ext4 /tmp 1 GB /dev/sda11 ext4 /home 40 GB

After that I started Fedora 18 installation from a DVD. Within Anaconda * In the main menu I selected Keyboard layout, software to be included -all other options were selected by default Then, in the partition area + selected the disk + selected the type of partition to standard + told Anaconda I wanted no help in doing the partition + then clicked on Claim free space button +

Anaconda did recognize partition and showed this partition as Unknown, the ntfs included. It recognized the labels as I had defined them in GParted. Then it was only matter of setting mount points with the exact names as the labels. And check in Reformat box. I didn't cypher data so not to mess around.

As I clicked on Apply changes button, the partition was moved in the left box to the New Fedora Installation area at the top. It automatically separated data partitions (/usr/local and /home) from system partitions.

Checking the Finish partitioning button brought me back to main menu and Fedora 18 installation run seamlessly.