FFMPEG command to stream video to a Multicast address

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I need to stream a video to a Multicast address.
I heard using FFMPEG we can stream the content.
I used the following command to stream to the multicast address

ffmpeg.exe -i input -vcodec copy -acodec copy -f mpegts -re "udp://".

But i am not able to view the video in vlc nor in ffmpeg from another system.
I need to view the contents from another machine.
What mistake am i doing… Please help me with this.

Best Answer

  • the '-re' flag is applied to input not output, your command won't work as you have it listed.

  • you have your ttl set to 1, that will stop you at the first router, bump it up and see what happens.

This is the simplest way I know to do it.

    ffmpeg -i Plan_9_from_Outer_Space_1959.mp4 -c copy -f mpegts  'udp://'

Play with mplayer.

    mplayer udp://
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