Macos – FileZilla on Mac OS X can’t open .ssh directory to get the keyfile


I'm trying to log on to my Amazon EC2 cloud server instance with FileZilla,
To do this I need to specify a keyfile for SFTP over SSH,

However, FileZilla in OS X can't open files in hidden directories.

Like for most Mac users, mine are located in ~/.ssh. But alas, when I click on 'Add Keyfile' in 'SFTP Settings' under 'Preferences', the Finder window won't show hidden files.

A bit of research turned up this, and I do have my Finder set up to view hidden files,
so… what's up FileZilla?

I would really not like to have to move the contents of my .ssh to ~. I'd rather not take the easy way out and just use some other client.

Best Answer

In any Open or Save dialog in OS X, simply press Shift-Command-Period to display hidden files and folders.

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