Find all the fonts used in a Photoshop file


I have this .psd (Photoshop file) and I'm trying to convert it to HTML & CSS.

Only thing I can't determine is what font they used in the .psd

How can I find out what fonts were used in the Photoshop file?

Best Answer

Depends on how you want to extract the information.

Per section or text area

Select the Text tool (T icon with serifs) and click on the text area to edit it. It will show what font is being used in the Character window.

All fonts used at a glance

  1. Save or export the image document as a PDF
  2. Open up the PDF version in Adobe Reader
  3. Select File → Properties → Fonts

This will list all the embeddable fonts used in the PSD file, provided you can embed them.

Missing fonts

In the Character tool, go to the font selection drop down. At the end of the list will be the fonts that are used in the image but are missing from your system. These will typically be greyed out.

Rastersized images

If you see any rasterized images you need the font face of, you'd best export just that section as a clear, standalone image and use a service like What the Font to determine the font.