Find and raise a window in KDE4 with shortcut


I was wondering about a possibility to find and raise some window in KDE4 with shortcut. Currently in KDE 4.4 there is a possibility to switch to window from krunner (Alt-F2). Say, I have an open konsole widow somewhere and to switch to it, I can Alt-F2, write konsole and choose konsole window I need from the list. This is great, but too much typing. I would like to have a keyboard shortcut to do the same.

Maybe some DBUS magic can do that? Any ideas?


Best Answer

  • you can use wmctrl as the basis:

     % wmctrl -a WIN

    the only thing you have to do is find out "WIN", which is the id for the window matching a certain criteria.

    <WIN>  This argument specifies the window. By default it's
           interpreted as a string. The string is matched
           against the window titles and the first matching
           window is used. The matching isn't case sensitive
           and the string may appear in any position
           of the title.
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