Find other mails of the same thread in Thunderbird


I really love the threaded view in Mozilla Thunderbird. Because of this, I store my sent mails in the inbox, so I can move a whole thread to an archive folder in one drag and drop.

Sometimes I get answers to a thread that is already archived, and don't remember in which folder I put the old messages. I would be great, if Thunderbird shows me in which folder the other messages of this thread are – or even offers to archive it there.

Is this possible? I did not find any solution for that.

Best Answer

  • Right-click the message and select Open Message in Conversation, which should show messages in this thread. The right-most column of this view might already be Location, but if not, right-click the columns and add it.

    You will then be able to see the folder each message in the thread is currently filed-in.

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