Fine control over zoom and aspect ratio in VLC player

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In VLC Player (v1.01), how do I zoom video and control aspect ratio with fine control, as is possible with Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPCHC)? The standard zoom appears to only support double, normal, quarter size etc, not useful to me at all.

An example:

I play an older music video file that is in 4:3 aspect ratio. In MPCHC I can use the number pad to zoom in small increments until I have removed the left and right letterbox bars and the video fills the whole screen. I can also stretch and move the video in small increments until I am happy with the aspect ratio and position.

I could continue using MPCHC, but I have two displays and really like VLC feature enabling full-screen video on the main screen and the VLC interface (menus etc) on the second. I have not found a way to do this on MPCHC, if anyone knows I'd also be interested to hear.

Best Answer

  • This is the solution that worked best for me: there was a video stream I had to play in VLC because RTMP is/was poorly supported in my preferred media player, MPCHC (which has this feature builtin to the numpad keys). This stream had both vertical and horizontal letterboxes and when I needed to zoom it, I realized the thing.

    Just use the crop function: if you leave default aspect ratio options the video will scale to fit the window, thus giving the zooming effect!

    To access cropping you need to first open the Tools menu, then click Effects and Filters or just use the default CTRL+E shortcut.

    screen image of selecting the effects and filters menu item

    Then you need to select the Video Effects tab, and navigate to the Crop sub-tab: play with the cropping values to achieve the desired zoom level.

    screen image of the crop tool

    Final Remarks: You can fine-tune it during play and you have pixel-level control. Enjoy!

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