Firefox change tab title

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I would like to change tab title for specific site like to some custom text. The reason why is because I don't want to see notification(s) count in the tab title, while I am browsing other sites (in other tabs).
There is good extension for this for Chrome called Tab Modifier. How can I do this in Firefox?
(For current workaround I use pinned tab).

Best Answer

I have not yet found a "Tab Modifier for Firefox". That regex URL Matcher is fantastic!

In Firefox I use Tab Mix Plus, which sadly, is not automatic. You must right-click on the tab, then select 'Rename' from the menu. To activate the tab renaming function, select Tools > Tab Mix Options > Menu > Tab Context Menu, then check 'Rename tab'.

I have also used 'Rename Tab Title'. Advantage: You can change the tab title by pressing Ctl-e.

You might want to try both while you wait for Syl to write "Tab Modifier for Firefox"... if only!