Firefox – Changing Firefox Smooth Scroll Settings (Using About:Config) to Be Like Default IE 11 Smooth Scroll Settings


I am trying to adjust the Firefox smooth scroll settings using about:config in order to achieve smooth scrolling like the default settings in Internet Explorer 11. Is this possible? Do you know which values to change, and what values to change them to?

Best Answer

  • I've been attempting to get the same settings too. It seems the behavior can't be copied exactly just by tweaking the values since Edge uses some acceleration parameters that are not in Firefox.

    However, here's the best I found.

    general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMaxMS = 100
    general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMinMS = 100
    general.smoothScroll.pages.durationMaxMS = 100
    general.smoothScroll.pages.durationMinMS = 100
    general.smoothScroll.pixels.durationMaxMS = 100
    general.smoothScroll.pixels.durationMinMS = 100
    general.smoothScroll.scrollbars.durationMaxMS = 100
    general.smoothScroll.scrollbars.durationMinMS = 100
    general.smoothScroll.stopDecelerationWeighting = 1

    Here's an explanation of all the values.