Firefox – Close tab that has a JavaScript pop-up dialog


I was opening up a bunch of links in different tabs when one of them had a JavaScript pop-up dialog.

It was trying to force me to download something and no matter how many times I clicked "Cancel" the message dialog would pop-up again.

And there was no way to just close that tab and I was in the end forced to hard-close Firefox.

So I'm wondering if there's a setting (aside from disabling all JavaScript) or perhaps an add-on that could have allowed me to close it?

Ideally each tab should be independent but I guess Firefox doesn't work like that. And on that note, are there any browsers that do work like that?

Best Answer

What version of FF?

 in firefox 4, javascript alerts/prompts.... no longer block the entire
 application (finally), only the tab, so you can close the tab without
 dismissing the prompt