Firefox – Different font size between localhost and remote server in Firefox


I'm having this weird behavior: Firefox (4.0.1, Debian version) is showing the same exact page with two different font sizes if the page is hosted on localhost or a remote server.

According to Firebug, rendered font in localhost version is 14.3px while the remote server version is 13px. The size specified via CSS is 13px. Chrome shows both pages with the same size so it's not a server issue.

Is there any configuration variable that could increase font size based on host? Or anything else that might cause this?

Best Answer

When I Googled this I found someone else who had the same problem. They suggested that it is down to the zoom setting in Firefox: it appears that it can be set independently for internet and intranet pages. Try View -> Zoom -> Reset when viewing each page (you may need to press ALT first to show the menu bar.


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