Firefox – Force all new links to same domain to reuse single browser tab


I want Firefox to use the same tab for all URLs in a single domain. In other words, if I already have Bugzilla open in one tab, and I click a new Bugzilla link from an email, the new link will open in that existing tab (or in a new tab while closing the old tab).

Is there a way to do this?

Firefox's application tabs seemed so promising. If I create an application tab for Bugzilla, new links to Bugzilla will open in that tab right? Wrong. They still open in a new tab.

I tried the "Close other tabs" add-on for Firefox, which has an option for "Close tabs with this domain". That's almost it, but no, it closes ALL tabs with the current domain. And I don't want to close them all, I want to close the old ones.

Basically, like a desktop application, I want ONE instance of each web application running at all times. It seems like such an obvious desire, especially for those that work on software, that I'm surprised I can't find anybody saying anything about it anywhere.

Is it possible?

Best Answer

I'm not saying there can't exist the kind of solution you are after but it's somewhat against the way the browsers and the web itself current work.

It sounds as an interesting idea and it could be worth adding a feature request for open source browser communities.