Firefox – How to Check Status of Links in Bookmarks


How would one check the status of website saved as bookmarks, without clicking and loading each entry individually? For reference, I use Mozilla Firefox.

Best Answer

  • This seems to be a pretty good extension for Firefox that does what you want.

    It adds a small icon between the URL field and the search field in firefox. When you click it you can initiate a scan of all your bookmarks.

    Description from addons.mozilla

    Bookmarks Checker. Scan favorites for broken or dead links. Delete empty, and duplicate folders.
    Check bookmarks for broken or dead/broken links.
    Add bookmarks that you do not want to be scanned to ignore list.
    Scans for 404 bookmarks, Time-out links or 403 favorites.
    Scan for duplicate folders.
    Scan for empty folders.
    Scan in several threads.
    Set timeout setting for bookmarks