Firefox – How to get the “well, this is embarrassing” screen every time I start Firefox


Sometimes, when Firefox doesn't quit cleanly (perhaps because it crashed, or because the whole computer crashed or didn't successfully terminated Firefox when shutting down), Firefox shows a Well, this is embarrassing page where you can manually select the tabs you want to restore.

I really like this feature, and I'd like to see that screen every time I start Firefox. I have a tendency of not closing tabs, and with this screen, I can choose which tabs I really want.

Is there a way (an extension I suppose) to get this message each time (other than manually crashing Firefox each time I want to quit it)?

Best Answer

You can display the session restore "well, this is embarrassing" page at any time once Firefox is running (and quite possibly all your tabs are already open!) by typing about:sessionrestore in the address bar. Can you do this if you have selected "Show a blank page" for the "When Firefox starts" option as Pierre suggests? Worth a try.

Can you make about:sessionrestore your "home page" and display your "home page" when Firefox starts?!

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