Firefox – How to make vertical scrollbar wider on firefox


I'm seeking a method of making the vertical scroll bar in Firefox wider so it's easier to grab on a touchscreen PC.

Best Answer

  • There is a solution to your problem on Mozilla Zine: How to make the browser scroll bar wider.

    Put this code in both userChrome.css and userContent.css:

    /* Increase width of VERTICAL SCROLLBAR */
    scrollbar[orient="vertical"], scrollbar[orient="vertical"] thumb, scrollbar[orient="vertical"] scrollbarbutton { min-width: 35px !important; -moz-appearance: none !important; }
    /* Increase width of HORIZONTAL SCROLLBAR */
    scrollbar[orient="horizontal"], scrollbar[orient="horizontal"] thumb, scrollbar[orient="horizontal"] scrollbarbutton { min-height: 35px !important; -moz-appearance: none !important; }