Firefox – How to set Firefox to open any/all links in a new tab


As an example, when I click on a link from Google search result, I want them to open in a new tab as default (should work for every sites)

Is there any thing that I can change in the about:config?

Im using Firefox version 32.0.3

Thank you.

Best Answer

My recommendation is Tab Mix Plus

enter image description here

Control what action will open new tab, and if the new tab get the focus (select) Open tabs from:

Groups of bookmarks

When checked "Open All in Tabs" will open the bookmarks in new tabs, when unchecked the bookmarks will replace all tabs that are not locked or protected.
Address bar
Search bar

Middle-click or Control-click opens items in current tab
Only for bookmarks, history, links forced to open in new tab

Focus/Select tabs that open by these action:

Diverted windows
Other applications
New tab commands
Duplicate Tab
Address bar
Search bar
Context menu search for
Groups of bookmarks

Inverse Middle-click or Control-click focus for tabs opened by these action:

Bookmarks/History, Address bar, Search bar