Firefox – How to transfer all filters and exceptions from Adblock Plus to uBlock


I have collected a bunch of filters, both subscriptions and custom, and set a lot of exceptions and specific rules on ABP on my Firefox. Trying out uBlock, Is there a way to cleanly transfer all those filters and exceptions without manually having to set each individual filter and exception manually again?

Adding subscriptions is easy enough, because uBlock has a tab specifically for adding subscriptions, but that doesn't include the custom filters/exceptions I've accumulated.

I'm aware that ABP has this "Create new Backup" feature which I might be able to assume can be used to move the filters to uBlock. Will copy-pasting that created backup to uBlock's "My Filters" tab apply every filter rule and exception from ABP or is there a different way to use it? That "My Filters" tab mentioned that a filter can be an "Adblock Plus-compatible filter" but does the ABP backup need some formatting for uBlock to be able to apply it?

Best Answer

  • Just add your subscriptions to the 3rd-party filters tab, and copy and paste your custom filters to the My filters tab.

    You may also be interested in learning how to use dynamic rules to create new filters faster.